Hackers Can Steal Your PERSONAL Information From Over 7 Metres Away... BlockingCard Makes Your Credit & Debit Cards Invisible... learn more below

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Hi Simon,

I decided to purchase a RFID Blocking Card before going on holiday overseas and also to protect my cards and phone while working as I work in the tourism industry and have had a few friends that had their cards scammed or scanned.

I did look at some alternatives but mainly the cost was off putting, or how big they were when you don't want to be carrying extra things.

I have recommended RFID BlockingCard to friend and family as well as gifting them to some friends in the United States.

I have just brought some more for my sister on her holiday.

Regards, Tina Gurleyen - New Zealand


Purchase here in New Zealand directly from Simon Cope - TXT 021968103 or email: [email protected] or purchase online


 Tina Gurleyen - New Zealand

"Hi Simon

I purchased this RFID Blocking Card because a friend's daughter has a friend who had her card hacked at a duty free store.

I did look at other solutions, but found the RFID Blocking Card device the best. I have recommended this card to family and friends for obvious reasons!

Thanks, Kevin Crossen - New Zealand" 


"I work in the tourism industry and have had a few friends that had their cards scammed or scanned..."

"friend who had her card hacked at a duty free store..."

"Hi Simon

I was travelling overseas and needed peace of mind that I wouldn't be skimmed.

I didn't look into any alternatives cause your RFID Blocking Card device was simple and easy to use. I recommend this device to anyone as you simply slide it into your wallet and forget about it.

Regards, Glenda O'Reilly - New Zealand"


"needed peace of mind I wouldn't be skimmed..."

"Hello Simon,

I was not happy having Pay Wave on my credit cards, but you have no choice these days.

After reading your website I used an aluminium case that I had on hand for another use until the RFID Blocking Card I ordered from you arrived as I was really concerned about security.

I feel safer having the it [RFID Blocking Card device] in my wallet and it does not take up any room so forget I have it really. I would say anyone worried about security of Pay Wave  - then using this RFID Blocking Card device gives you peace of mind.

I first saw someone talking about it on Facebook which lead me to it researching your website. I did not know such a device was available until then.

Kind regards,

Glenys De Suza - New Zealand"


Glenda OReilly - NZ