Hackers Can Steal Your PERSONAL Information From Over 7 Metres Away... BlockingCard Makes Your Credit & Debit Cards Invisible... learn more below

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Unfortunately YES. As a minimum they can get your name on the card, the card number and the cards expiry date. They have all the info now to go shopping online at your expense and inconvience... Back in May 2012 (yes nearly four years ago... TV3 here in New Zealand highlighted the risks of these RFID easy pay cards in this article:


or this article:


No batteries are required for it to work.


Assuming you don't bend it, microwave it then it should last for 2-3 card cycles in your wallet. i.e. 6-9 years. There are no moving parts inside it.  

The RFID Blocking Card can protect thieves from illegally activating VISA PayWave, MasterCard PayPass, Tap and Go credit and debit cards. I have tested them on my train & bus RFID card - ATHOP used here in New Zealand also.

I have yet to test whether they will stop thieves from scanning the RFID chip embedded in NZ and Australian passports. However I suspect they will as my understanding as an electronics engineer is the devices in passports are based on very similar technology out of Switzerland by Sokymat and Cubic Electronics in Germany that are being used in creditcards etc... For more details download this file to read.



Can someone really steal my details via my credit card?...

Does the RFID BlockingCard Credit Card Protector need batteries?... How long will it last?

Which type of cards can the RFID BlockingCard Protect?

FAQ's on RFID BlockingCard Credit Card Protector...

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RFID Blocking Card is composed of a mixture of metals and electronics that disrupt the scanner from reading the RFID signals. The card is slightly thicker than a standard credit card. It has a little LED light in it that activates when it is blocking RFID signal. Try it when you are next buying something at the supermarket.



So how does the RFID BlockingCard Credit Card Protector actually work?

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Check me out online.  I lecture at Massey University in advanced electronic mobile marketing. ...



I am an electronics engineer. ... I have too much to lose selling things that don't work.  



Watch the video to see the device working.




Can you prove the RFID Blocking Card actually works?