Hackers Can Steal Your PERSONAL Information From Over 7 Metres Away... BlockingCard Makes Your Credit & Debit Cards Invisible... learn more below

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Simply place our RFID Blocking Card in a normal card slot of your

wallet, and your entire wallet / smartphone is protected instantly.


Our E-Field™ technology makes your credit cards invisible to

hackers & RFID readers. Everything else is obsolete.


The RFID Blocking Card is designed to fit in any wallet without any modification and once there it makes your cards INVISIBLE to hackers and identity thieves. You can transfer the RFID Blocking Card to another wallet in seconds & it protects ALL your cards.


This is much better than purchasing a separate 'special aluminium wallet' or 'RFID sleeves' (ugly, bulky, break easily).


If you are like me & carry just your smartphone + PayWave credit card, then you simply slip a RFID Blocking Card next to your credit card & it is also 100% protected!


Companies issuing these cards say they are safe but there are over 100 videos on YouTube with over 500,000 combined views showing just how easy these cards are to hack. In fact, the popular USA TV show MythBusters was going to do an episode on how easy it is to steal from and hack RFID cards and they were strongly urged to not go forward by chief legal council from Visa, American Express, MasterCard & Discover.



They have NFC or Near Field Communication - the ability to read & transmit info like your chipped card does.


Hackers preload a purchase or payment app on their NFC phone & then simply go looking for someone to unwittingly pay for an item $80 or less. Since your signature isn't required, they simply scan your card from your wallet in your pocket or purse, the purchase is complete, then move on to the next person.


How are you protecting your personal information?


This device is same size as your other cards, doesn't break, doesn't need batteries. A lifetime of protection of your hard-earned $$ for just AUD$9.95. Order it NOW. or click here to learn more...

Who else is worried about illegal theft of your $$ / identity from your PayWave, Tap and Go, PayPass credit card? 

Copyright BlockingCard 2019 Patent Pending.


The BlockingCard is the red card with the blue protection shield....

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"Every other way to protect your credit cards is obsolete!"