Hackers Can Steal Your PERSONAL Information From Over 7 Metres Away... BlockingCard Makes Your Credit & Debit Cards Invisible... learn more below

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The RFID Blocking Card contains our E-Field™ or Electronic Field chip that detects RFID readers and scanners.


Once a signal is detected, the RFID Blocking Card creates a 10mm E-Field™ around it that protects all cards within that area.


Unlike the metal wallets that use aluminum to shield your wallet, the RFID Blocking Card creates a e-field to make your cards invisible to readers.


The RFID Blocking Card does not require batteries, instead it draws power from the RFID reader or scanner attempting to steal your information.


Ultimately, the device the hackers are using to steal information is what protects you. The RFID Blocking Card is extremely efficient and will last 2-3 card cycles (6-9 years) at a minimum.

"Simply place the RFID Blocking Card in amongst your existing debit & credit cards and forget about it"

RFID Blocking Card is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to use...

Unwrap.Take the RFID Blocking Card out of the plastic wrapper.


Insert.Place the RFID Blocking Card in your wallet near your payment cards.

Done.Your personal information is now protected.

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How To Use Your RFID BlockingCard

Purchase here in New Zealand directly from Simon Cope - TXT 021968103 or email: [email protected] or purchase online

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